neji&co.“Sign” / Umeda Tetsuya“Dresscode”

【neji&co.】 neji&co. is a dance company led by dancer/choreographer, Pijin Neji. The group was founded in Kyoto in 2020. The group itself is intended as a form of choreography to gain insight into the future.

【Neji Pijin】 Dancer/choreographer. Represents neji&co. He danced in the butoh company Dairakudakan directed by Maro Akaji until 2004, and developing on his physicality based on butoh, he started to create solo dances with microscopic approach to his own body and choreographic works with materialist approach to the bodies of the dancers. He received the Yokohama Dance Collection EX Jury Prize and was selected in the Festival/Tokyo’s Emerging Artists Program for F/T Award in 2011. In 2016, he curated “Our Masters – Hijikata Tatsumi <방언/glossolalia>” the at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, Korea. 2021-2023 THEATRE E9 KYOTO associate artist.

【Umeda Tetsuya】 Umeda produces installations that are inspired by and incorporate existing elements found in the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space including its architectural structure. In addition to exhibitions in museums and art institutions, he has produced numerous site-specific works based on the context of both urban spaces and natural environment. Performance works are presented in Japan and abroad, such as tours inviting the audience to unfamiliar places, stage works focusing on functions found in theaters and chorus projects without center point. He is also globally known as a leading artist in the field of sound art. Recently he has presented performance works such as “Composite: Variations / Circle” (Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2017, Brussels, Belgium), “INTERNSHIP” (Asia Cultural Center, Gwangju, South Korea, 2016 / TPAM 2018, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, Yokohama, Japan), and has taken part in numerous international exhibitions including “Reborn-Art Festival 2019” (Miyagi, Japan), “2018 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival” (Taitung, Taiwan). His recent solo exhibitions are “On the origin of voices” (Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan, 2019-2020) and “See, Look at Observed what Watching is” (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, USA, 2016). 2019-2020 Saison Fellowship.